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electric cars india

Overview of all electric cars that are currently (2021) for sale in India. For a list of electric cars that will come to the Indian market in the future, you can click here.

Hyundai Kona EV23.75400
Mahindra e2oPlus
11 kWh
Mahindra e2oPlus
15 kWh
Mahindra eSupro
Mahindra eVerito
14 kWh
Mahindra eVerito
18 kWh
Mercedes EQC
400 4Matic
Tata Nexon EV13.99170
Tata Tigor Electric9.54130

✪ Price: price, before subsidies, in lakh Indian rupees (₹).
✪ [KM]: electric range in kilometers, as tested or estimated by the editorial board of eGear.in.

About electric cars in India

In 2020, less than 0,1% of all registered cars in India were fully electric. In other words, it’s fair to say that electric cars are still a negligible phenomenon in the country.

Nevertheless, the Indian government intends to make the transition to electrified transportation. They have many reasons to do so. First of all, India wants to get more independent from oil imports. Other important objectives are the reduction of noise and air pollution in busy urban areas.

The Indian government wants to make a major shift to electric by 2030. To help to accomplish that goal, India is pushing local manufacturers, like Tata and Mahindra, to develop and produce electric vehicles. The government also introduced FAME (Faster Adoption and Manufacturing of Electric Vehicles), a program that offers subsidies for purchasing electrified vehicles.

Despite these measurements, electric car adoption is moving slow in India. The most important reasons are fairly poor products from Tata and Mahindra, and a lack of public charging infrastructure.

To improve the EV adoption rate, the Indian government should stimulate foreign electric car manufacturers, like Tesla, to enter the market. India should also get serious about investing in public fast chargers.

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